Save the Date for Golf!

Ascension’s 2023 Golf Tournament will take place Monday, September 25, at Aberdeen Golf Club in Eureka, the same location as last year’s sellout tourney. We’re already working to secure sponsors and auction contributions for this extremely visible community event; last year’s event had 144 participants and raised $15,000 for the Academy of St. Louis and Ascension’s Little School. Click here for pictures from last year’s tournament.

The Ascension Council Knights of Columbus General Charity Fund has supported over 60 charities, including Special Olympics, Equine Assisted Therapy, and ShowMe Aquatics & Fitness.


Join Club 150

Club 150 is back for its third annual program, based on the success of the last two years. Please help us get this year’s program off to a good start by signing up now so you don’t miss any drawings! The money raised will go to Ascension parish and school to help offset rising costs and educational expenses staying here in our community. The club has raised just under $30,000 for our beneficiaries and paid out $10,000 in prize money over the last two years, thanks to your generosity and support. 

Help us achieve the same success for the third annual program – you don’t have to leave home, just mail the registration in or pay online and enjoy the fun, as everyone is a winner! Please tell your friends! Thanks to you, we had 30 new members last year!


Monday Night Football Pool

For a $25 donation, Knights and others received a booklet that enters them into a pool of other donors for Monday Night Football games. The final score determined a winner (or winners) who will receive $60.

Net proceeds will go to the Ascension Parish School and the Little School.  Stay tuned for the next launch in fall 2023!

2022-23 Season Winners:

Week 1: Tina Fenili and Don Overbeck
Week 2: Don Walther and Paul Muzik
Week 3: Mark Czajkowski
Week 4: Tina Fenili and Rosemary Trotier
Week 5: John Brugger and Tom Rocco
Week 6: Mike Andert
Week 7: Tina Fenili
Week 8: Hope Wood and Bob Chlebowski
Week 9: Virginia Fenili and John Avery
Week 10: Dennis Saffa and Gerard Marshall
Week 11: Bob Blankenmeyer
Week 12: Virginia Fenili and John Avery
Week 13:Tina Fenili and Don Overbeck
Week 14: Christopher Orthmann and Ralph Fenili
Week 15: Diane O’Brien and Dan Duffy
Week 16: Jay Bandi and Gerard Marshall
Week 17: Virginia Stamer and Diana Tessereau
Week 18: Kathy Ferguson
Week 19: Tina Femili and John Jermak
Super Bowl: Roger Klein and Ralph Fenili

A New Year for Volunteer Opportunities

By Grand Knight John Brugger

       2023 has begun and the new year presents a wide range of upcoming events and fund raisers for our Brother Knights to participate. Whatever your interests we have something for everyone.  You know the old saying, “more hands make for light work.”  We have volunteer activities available where you can pick how much time you are willing to offer. Here is a list of our upcoming events going into the spring to consider:

Winterfest in School Gym – Saturday, January 28 – 5:30pm – 8:30pm & Sunday, January 29 – 9am-2pm

Club 150 for 2023 – Al Tornabeni

Felice Cuores – February 11 – Bill Lukas

Valentine’s Pancake and Sausage Breakfast – MPR – Sunday, February 12 – Al Tornabeni

Blood Drive – Gym – Feb. 19 – Pete Bruggeman

Derby Night – MPR – April 15 – Pete Bruggeman

1-2-3-Degree Exemplification – MPR – March 4 – Ron Meier

St. Patrick’s Dinner – MPR – Saturday March 18 – Steve Price

Easter Bunny – April 2 – Dave Zink

ASAP – Aid and Support After Pregnancy – Spring TBD – Tim Lewis

Pro-Life Kite Festival – TBD – First week of May – Al Tornabeni

Please consider helping your Brother Knights by volunteering to support some of these activities.

From Our Field Agent

Happy New Year to all my brothers and their families! I wish you peace, joy and good health this coming year! It’s that time of year when we make resolutions. Have you made any yet? Maybe the realistic question is, “Have you already broken some of them?

Here are 10 popular New Year’s resolutions from the internet along with some of my own:

1. Get in shape; for some of us this means to lose some weight, exercise more and staying fit; to stop smoking or eat healthier foods.

2. Stop procrastinating; I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put this off for another year!

3. Improve my prayer life; there’s an app for that! The Laudate app claims it is the most downloaded Catholic app. It has an immense library of prayers, devotions, daily readings, podcasts and Vatican documents.

4. Improve on a skill or develop a new hobby; maybe you want to lower your golf handicap or learn to bowl. Go for it!

5. Be more thankful; God has blessed me in so many ways and sometimes I forget to thank Him for all of those things…usually because I’m too busy asking for something else.

6. Spend more time with the people that matter most; sometimes I get so busy working, keeping the house up or going to some meeting, I forget the ones I do these things for. I’ve got to set aside more time to just be with them.

7. Reduce stress; in this sometimes hectic and seemingly crazy world, it’s easy to get swallowed up in the latest tragedy and worry all the time. Cutting out those sources of stress or learning how to deal with them more effectively means a more settled life.

8. Read more; with so much on the internet, TV and radio it’s easy for me to get lost in those. Reading for pleasure has become something of a lost art.

9. Spend wisely; it’s so easy to spend money on things we really don’t need, buy on a whim or because we’re keeping up with the Joneses.

10. Review your current financial situation; it’s always smart to take stock on a yearly basis.

Now this last resolution I can definitely help you keep. My resolution is to contact each of you this year to check in and if appropriate, set up a time to meet. We can update your information and see where you stand. Your financial health is critical to your family’s future security. We’ll take a look at your goals and aspirations and help make sure you’re on track to reach them.

Vivat Jesus!

Walker McClellan

Supreme Chaplain’s January Challenge

“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.”  (Gospel for Jan. 29, Mt 5:11-12a)

It often isn’t popular to be a true follower of Jesus. That can especially be the case when we express our faith in public ways. For example, many Christians who have prayed outside an abortion facility have experienced hostility for their beliefs. But when we stand up courageously for truth and righteousness — even when we face opposition or persecution to do so — we know we do so as followers of Christ.

Challenge by Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori:

This month, I challenge you to give witness to your faith and love by supporting the pro-life cause in some concrete way, such as by donating your time or other resources. Second, I challenge you to participate in the ASAP, Novena for Life, and/or March for Life programs.

Questions for Reflection:

Are you willing to suffer as a disciple of Christ, as Jesus warned would happen? Do you sometimes fail to speak up for your faith or moral values out of a desire to be liked by others or to not “rock the boat”? What concrete, practical things can you do to strengthen your willingness and ability to publicly witness to your faith, even when it might be unpopular — or come with a cost?

Golf Tournament a Success!

We are very grateful to the many people who made our 2022 golf tournament a success, from our sponsors to our volunteers, to our full roster of 144 players.

Click here for a photo gallery.

Please support our sponsors:

Gold Sponsors
Arco Construction/Hank Bellina
Don Kelley

Silver Sponsors
Maddog Maintenance LLC/Brian Fenili
Edward Jones/Tim Price
Hometown Floors/Matthew Foulon
IBM Hybrid Cloud & AI/Cliff Koch
Lou Fusz Automotive Group/Patrick Fusz
Moneta Group/Anthony Dorn
Walsh Real Estate/Dustin Walsh
Wells Fargo Advisors/ John, Bret & Michele Carter
Walker McClellan/ KofC Field Agent

Food & Beverage Sponsors

Hole Sponsors
Dave Copeland Family
Dan & Laura Duffy
Brandon Duncan & Family
Dave Duncan & Family
Tim & Kathy Ferguson
Emma Ferguson
Kevin & Ann Gallen
Jerry & Gloria Lamoureux
Deacon John and Clare Marino
Robert & Janet Waters
Dr. John & Sherry Wood
30 Plan Corp – Jessie Weiss
40 Days for Life September 29th – Ted & Majorie Naegel
Ascension Catholic Church – Fr. Molini
MH Berg & Associates – Mike Berg
The Bug Doctor – Langdon Nauert
Caldwell Banker – Lavern Thoman
Crown Packaging – Don Hoffman
The Dean Team – Bob Chitwood
Edward Jones – Joe Klug
Fielder Electrical Services – Matt & Paula Fielder
Five Angels Foundation – Denny St. John
Gamma Tree – Tim Gamma
JB Accounting Services – Jennifer Boul
KOC Women’s Auxiliary – Nancy Kolaz
LPL Bridgewater Asset Management – Lisa Filla
Morgan Stanley – Dan Naert
The Odefelein Family, “Semper Fi”
Psychologists & Educators- Alan & Sandy Politte
Respect Life Committee – Greg Miller
Schrader Funeral Home
Signs & More – Tim Walsh
Special Inspections & Design – Steve Fultz
Syberg’s (Chesterfield)
Water Pro – Sean Livingston
Welsch Heating & Cooling- Denise Webb
Woodlake Dental – Dr. Paul Edgerley

Family Hole Sponsors
Mike Collins (in Honor of Joe Gegg)
Pat & Don Durand
Mike Nugent
Ed & Laverne Thoman

Program Helps New Moms ASAP

The Ascension Knights of Columbus will be raising funds in spring 2023 through a new “baby bottle” campaign, to support local pregnancy centers and homes for mothers in need. The drive kicks off at the parish in March and ends on Mothers Day, Sunday, May 14.

Locally, our effort will support these four worthy organizations:

Coalition Life
Our Lady’s Inn
Good Shepherd Children and Family Services


What it’s all about: Assistance and Support After Pregnancy describes the Knights of Columbus’ efforts to support pregnant women, mothers and their new children by serving pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes. These pro-life, non-profits are lifelines to women and babies in need and offer essential services that make the difference between a baby being aborted and a baby being born in a supportive environment. Pregnancy resource centers provide assistance to nearly 2 million clients each year. In 2021, Knights donated $4.6 million and 469,000 volunteer hours to support these centers and the women and children they serve through cash donations and community service activities such as baby and maternity item drives. These life-saving organizations would not be able to provide the level of assistance women and children need without support from our Order and collaborating parish communities. Through the ASAP initiative, councils can now contribute even more support. For every $500 a council donates to a qualifying pregnancy resource center or maternity home (up to $2,000), the Supreme Council will donate $100 more. Visit for more information.