For a $25 donation, Knights and others received a booklet that enters them into a pool of other donors for Monday Night Football games. The final score determined a winner (or winners) who will receive $60.

Net proceeds will go to the Ascension Parish School and the Little School.  Stay tuned for the next launch in fall 2023!

2022-23 Season Winners:

Week 1: Tina Fenili and Don Overbeck
Week 2: Don Walther and Paul Muzik
Week 3: Mark Czajkowski
Week 4: Tina Fenili and Rosemary Trotier
Week 5: John Brugger and Tom Rocco
Week 6: Mike Andert
Week 7: Tina Fenili
Week 8: Hope Wood and Bob Chlebowski
Week 9: Virginia Fenili and John Avery
Week 10: Dennis Saffa and Gerard Marshall
Week 11: Bob Blankenmeyer
Week 12: Virginia Fenili and John Avery
Week 13:Tina Fenili and Don Overbeck
Week 14: Christopher Orthmann and Ralph Fenili
Week 15: Diane O’Brien and Dan Duffy
Week 16: Jay Bandi and Gerard Marshall
Week 17: Virginia Stamer and Diana Tessereau
Week 18: Kathy Ferguson
Week 19: Tina Femili and John Jermak
Super Bowl: Roger Klein and Ralph Fenili