For a $25 donation, Knights and others will receive a booklet that enters them into a pool of other donors for Monday Night Football games. The final score will determine a winner who will receive $60. You don’t even have to know how to play football, and you can win more than once. Your booklet is valid for 20 games (16 Monday Night games and four playoff games). If you are interested, please contact Gerard Marshall at or (314) 303-6250. The net proceeds will go to the Ascension Little School and other Knights charities.  If you are so inclined, please tell your relatives and friends about this charity.  It’s fun and helps a worthy cause!

Winners so far:

Week 1: Tina Fenili and Don Overbeck
Week 2: Don Walther and Paul Muzik
Week 3: Mark Czajkowski
Week 4: Tina Fenili and Rosemary Trotier
Week 5: John Brugger and Tom Rocco
Week 6: Mike Andert
Week 7: Tina Fenili
Week 8: Hope Wood and Bob Chlebowski
Week 9: Virginia Fenili and John Avery
Week 10: Dennis Saffa and Gerard Marshall
Week 11: Bob Blankenmeyer
Week 12: Virginia Fenili and John Avery
Week 13:Tina Fenili and Don Overbeck
Week 14: Christopher Orthmann and Ralph Fenili
Week 15: Diane O’Brien and Dan Duffy
Week 16: Jay Bandi and Gerard Marshall
Week 17: Virginia Stamer and Diana Tessereau